LOTS OF CROWING! – Reviews of Wakem the Rooster: Up All Night


“Everyone knows that roosters herald the morning, but one song-loving fowl shakes up the barnyard, turning night into day with his incessant cock-a-doodle-doing, in Wakem the Rooster: Up All Night, a rollicking bedtime adventure from David FitzSimmons. Eye-catching images with a brightly feathered Wakem, from illustrator Richard Cowdrey, add to the comic mayhem as a farm full of sleepy cats, dogs, owls, and more offer surprisingly sage advice on how to get back on schedule.”
Foreword Reviews (September/October 2017)

“David Fitzsimmons tells a sweet story of friendship and cooperation among farm animals…. Richard Cowdrey’s animals are so appealing you will want to take them all on home with you.”
—Ted and Betsy Lewin

“Delightful illustrations plus a gentle message about the importance of sleep add up to a picture book worth crowing about!”
—Yona Zeldis McDonough, Author of The Bicycle Spy

“A sure parent’s choice when their ‘days and nights’ seem to be mixed up.”
—Tim Bowers, New York Times Best-selling children’s book illustrator

Wakem the Rooster: Up All Night will be released in September. Please check back for more reviews as they are published.